New Colourpop Blush And Light Stix Pack A Major Punch

I’ve been really into cream products lately, so I couldn't pass on the highly anticipated Colourpop cream blush and highlighting sticks. Although it’s a fairly recent launch, I’ve been trying them out for a few weeks and I have a good idea of how i feel about products. 

Blush Stix
💕Color - Roosevelt (warm mahogany) & Invite only (rosy terracotta): both of these shades VERY pigmented, perfectly for adding a pop of color to your cheeks with minimal product. 
💕Application - I found these pigmented cream blushes to be best applied with a stippling motion with a dense face brush. This way the brush won’t disturb the foundation underneath and blend the blush out seamlessly. Using a brush can also avoid accidentally applying too much.

Lite Stix
✨Color - Bullz Eye(soft gold with silver shimmer): This is a beautiful gold highlighter. The micro glitters in this highlighter makes it intense enough for a night time look as well. I thought this color would be too dark on me, but blended out it looks great. 
✨Application - Since this leans more glitter-y and intense, it is best to gently blend with fingers. 

💯💯Verdict - If you’re looking for affordable cream blushes and highlighters, look no further. 


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