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Hi everyone, I am new to Prism Pop. How do we apply to try products? Or is it just commenting?



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  • Tiffany Yuen

    The product reviewer applications are Google forms, and PrismPop Testers always write a post about any additional requirements and tips on how to improve the odds of being chosen. ✨ For example, for the Too Faced mascara product reviewer application, they were requesting a post about your favorite mascara in addition to the application form. Another way to try products here is to redeem them in the rewards page of the app! Different activities earn you points towards products! 😍 For example, leaving a good comment earns you 150 points/good comment and you can get 350 points a day for “checking in!” You also get 10 points whenever someone follows you and 3 points when you press the “like” button and another 3 points when you press the “I wanna try” button on any post! And being active here improves your chance to be chosen to review products! 😊👍🏻💕

  • Beaufolz

    Do we get coins then with that apply for new products or are you solely selected by commenting on the emails they send you?

  • Marija

    I am new too. Pls follow back