Nightmare Before Christmas Deadly Nightshade Blackberry Lip Scrub

First off let's talk about the packaging. I love that it is a big sturdy container and I do plan on keeping it after I use all the scrub but I'm also a huge nbc fan. 📦 They shipped it to the store in a pretty big box and made sure it would get to me securely which I appreciate. (For the record I ordered off hot topic)

On To The Good Stuff...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PURPLE STICKER DECALS.  Might be a minor detail but its vibrancy really created an excitement to open the product up. 

If you thought I LOVED the purple on the packaging get ready for a rave over how deep blue purple the sugar scrub itself truly is. 

There are not enough angles and lighting situations to do the color of the scrub justice. Its such a pretty deep blue that shifts to purple so slightly as a blackberry should. 

Moving on to the scent👃🤧💨🍓🍒🔵 

Truly it is exactly what I thought it might smell like, HOWEVER... when I was using the scrub it became a little overbearing with how artificial the smell was. It could have something to do with the little bit I ended up tasting on accident tasting so horrendous or it could just be that "fake" smell. 

It felt OK on my lips 💋 as far as effectiveness its really noting I'd write home about or go crazy over. 

Personally, this scrub doesn't compare to my favorite line of scrubs which is lush I love that their edible and yummy. 



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