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No Poreblem Primer by Touch In Sol

*Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer*
Anyone who is looking for a hydrating primer, that diminishes pores, while controlling oil, should really give this a try! 
It has a silky texture and goes on flawlessly for a beautiful foundation application. 
- Smooths pores for a perfect foundation application  ☺️
- Covers imperfections 🙈
- Fixes uneven skin textures ⚖️
- Hides the look of wrinkles 👀
- Infused with collagen & green tea extracts 💧
- Controls oil & keeps skin hydrated all day ✨
- Longer lasting foundation after use ⏳

Have you had a chance to try Touch in Sol as a PrismPop Tester? How has your experience been with the products?
If not, make sure to sign up for the new tester bag!

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