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No Spectacular Results

So I took the plunge and got the mask. Of course, it's the green leopard mask as the pictures will show. Before even reading the info on the package, I knew a face washing is necessary. So the best time, right after a shower. 

I did a deep-clean with my spoon DIY trick. Gets rid of so much gunk inside the pores and ends up feeling like freedom! Your skin can breathe and all that dirt, makeup, oil, and so-on is gone. Now, it's time to put the mask on.

I didn't really see real directions, just 4 pictures. Each telling you the steps. So hopefully they are easy to understand or it's just going to be hard to know what to do. 

The Picture Steps:
1.) Wash Face(possibly using a good cleanser or deep-clean product)
2.)Apply Mask
3.) 10-20 Minutes Wait Time(best time to go dry my hair or read a book).
4.) Remove and Rub-in the Solution.

It didn't look much different than other masks. Felt the same, slimy-wet, and still not able to fit my face, leaving a bunch of extra around the chin and such a small mouth hole. After the 20 minutes, I figure to go the full 20 for most of the solution to steep in a bit better. I removed the mask, rubbed the product in a bit better, since it doesn't really explain the touching of the face for step 4, but I doubt it's just feeling how soft the skin is since the skin still is wet.

After a bit of drying, which I should mention you do feel a slight tingle on the skin when the mask is on, I noticed not much change in my skin. It felt like it got hydrated as any good mask would do. Doesn't seem to make much improvement for my skin the first use, which other masks can do. So for the cost of one mask, trying to apply the mask even if too big, wearing it with slight skin tingling, and final results, I would think it's 3 stars out of 5. 

* Simple Directions(same as many other facial masks)
* Easy to tell which side is which, due to the leopard print
* Feel some action taking effect on the skin. It tingles a bit
* moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

* Might not be easy to understand the steps as stated on the package with the images, quite well.
* Mask doesn't fit every face type, like other face-sheet masks.
* Doesn't adhere to the face, which if you move the face around, it might just move off the spot it's placed in the beginning.
* Results can be no different than other masks, which don't get solid and hard but stays wet.

Finally, the verdict! So after this mask trial. I still don't feel that sheet masks are a go-to for me. They don't do much of a difference than a dead sea mud mask could do or other high-quality masks that don't harden. Plus, you get more uses from a regular mask jar or bottle style product verse one sheet mask for the price. 

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