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not the best dupe for estee lauder

 To start this i do have to say its not the best dupe for estee lauder i thought it was before i tried it because a lot of others i talked to said that it was but sadly it isnt. There is a pump and the packaging is a glass bottle simple design but looks pretty classy none the less. now scent wise it didnt really have a smell so it didnt really affect my experience with it. i mostly tried this because its heard from a lot of friends and other influencers have told me this was the best dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation its really easy to apply this and ive used my fingers, a brush and a beauty blender the texture was very very light which was surprising as its medium wear so i thought it would be extra thick This product went on my skin beautifully it layed on my skin very well it didnt cake up hallelujah! and it blended beautifully! Now with that said after a few hours after i applied it, it started slipping off of my face. now i do have combination skin so my skin does get pretty oily in my t zone but it says it should work for oily skin and it really kinda didnt at least not for extended wear. i did try using a setting spray and these best ive found so far is a lot of setting powder so its a half and half it covers what i needed but it definitely doesnt last 24hrs like it says it will. I if i need it in the future maybe i will rebuy it but there are a lot of other foundations that wont just fall of my skin. price wise it is pretty affordable though. and i think this would work better maybe for dry skin? i havent had my sister who had normal skin a little towards dry but definitely not oily so i can ask her what she thinks.

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