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Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray Gave me the Piecey-y Look I Wanted

So I recently cut my hair a bit shorter. With this haircut, I have been wanting to try the tousled, beachy, loose waves. I wanted to try an inexpensive product with great reviews, so I went for Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.
⚠️Full disclaimer: I’ve NEVER tried a sea salt spray. So this is my first impression and a review.
🏖Application - First I curled my hair like this. I didn’t add any product before the pictures above.Then I added the sea salt spray.
Now I should probably mention beforehand, I wash my hair daily and I am CONSTANTLY running my fingers through my hair. So having sea salt spray in my hair was different.
🏖Performance -  My hair felt rougher and I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair. My hair did get that more texturized, piece-y look I wanted though. Also, the flyaways were tamed. The smell was also great, like stepping onto a sandy beach. The curl also stayed put the entire day.
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