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Now that nails salons are closed...💅😅PrismPop Product Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win an exclusive Manicure Duo worth 45,200 coins! Kiss ImPress Nails and Dashing Diva Ultra Shine Gel Strips!
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🧐How are your natural nails? What do you do to maintain or salvage them? The struggle is real...
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➡️For All My Nail Biters 💅- How to stop biting your nails! Use my trick by Laurien
➡️The BEST nail polish brand?? 😲 PrismPop Tester Bag Review by haku izunami

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  • janine grcic

    I never get my nails done at a salon but I always make sure to have a diet full of healthy fats and lots of water for my them to retain their strength and shine at longer lengths. Sometimes I moisturize them with coconut oil of petroleum jelly to make them more smooth and shiny.

  • Amanda

    I can't stop biting them unless I have some on

  • Anniikan

    Typically don't get my nails done at a salon, I wear them plain, but to avoid chewing my nails I'll paint them. Usually go for a bold, bright colors, and I'll apply a glossy top coat to ensure the quality & shine. 😄😁💕

  • Allison Terranova

    I love doing my nails at home, I try to eat jello everyday to help keep my nails strong and growing quickly. I love trying new things and always get compliments on my nails

  • Kimberly

    Love to try

  • Karlee

    Way to go Minerva!!!

  • Minerva

    These are beautiful!!! 😍 my nails are very thin and chip easily! So it’s hard for me letting me grow out which I would’ve loved too!! I love having long nails, but whenever they get long they always end up chipping! 😒

  • Daisy

    My nails are horrible. I came across the kiss brush on gel kit. It works wonders. Goes on easy & dries fast. I was shocked how well they work. I'm on day 3 & they're still in great shape. They have different lengths. The gel is built in for easy application.

  • Brittany_bn09

    Sometimes my nails will get a little chipped if I hit it against something. There will be a small little chip on the edge of the nail. Of course when that happens,I have to clip all my nails and file them so they all look the same and don't feel weird/awkward.

  • Brittany_bn09

    My natural nails are a little long. They grow they way naturally. Must be from eating lots of protein,meat and chicken. lol.

  • Charley

    My natural nails are kind of weak and break easily. I need a good strengthening polish. other than that my nails are good. Usually do my own manicure and pedicure to save money. So staying home just gives me more time to take care of them. Although I do like to go get pampered every on and then. After being locked up in the house I just might treat myself.

  • Drita Ramadani

    An easy trick that I use for strong and growing nails is- Swiping a nail polish remover on your natural nails (shoot for doing it daily) because they usually have gelatin in them and vitamins too. This strengthens and grows your nails! Plus... They look really clean too!!! Have a great day !

  • Diane Valle

    I am a hands on cleaner at home. I don't use gloves so my nails don't really grow unless there's nail polish on then which is hard to stay on considering I do all the housework. I would love to try the prize.❤️

  • Diane Valle

    I am a hands on cleaner at hom

  • bulldogs183

    I love all the giveaways. I need some polish, I have thin nails. This would be awesome.

  • Lizel Stone

    I love give aways and can't wait whoo oohh


    i need some biotin to support healthy nail growth

  • Michelle Vogt

    Can’t wait!

  • Shannon Travis

    Woohoo giveaways are the best

  • Micheala


  • Andrea

    My hands do not have nails, at all, my nails are super mini. Trying these will be awesome for events o even for my daily. If I tried these it's probably that I will buy some... but i really want them :)

  • Debbie K Wallis

    my nails are horrible, thin and split easy. i'm on the look out for some kind of nails that will stay on can't get anything to last longer than a day or two so yes the struggle is real!

  • Nicole

    My nails are feeling strong I paint them a few times a week but they sure are not salon styled. I file them and have been trying out all my colors.