Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color | Review + Swatches

    I love putting my makeup on, but I also love using products that make it quick and easy. I've only tried one or two products from Nudestix before, but I always appreciated their approach to no-fuss makeup. When I saw their new Nudies All Over Face Color sticks popping up, I decided I needed to pick a couple up to try out.


    I ended up going for one matte shade, Naughty 'N Spice, and one glow shade, Illumi-Naughty. Naughty 'N Spice is a beautiful neutral pink, and Illumi-Naughty is a stunning pearl highlight with a pink duochrome shift. I saw Illumi-Naughty on Samantha Ravndahl's Instagram and needed it immediately - that woman is just goals. And then the matte shades looked too stunning to pass up, too.

    The Nudies All Over Face Colors are a colored balm on one end and a soft, dense brush on the other end to blend it out. The products blend equally well with fingers and the brush. When I think of stick products, I still sometimes expect a thick, stiff formula, but these melt so easily into the skin and feel quite thin and weightless. They blend out effortlessly without going patchy or disappearing into nothing, and they're easy to either build up or sheer out.

    They're able to go anywhere - eyes, lips, or cheeks - and while I've mostly used them on the cheeks, they are lovely elsewhere, too. Naughty 'N Spice (and the other matte shades, too, it seems) is perfect for creating that monochrome look that I love. Wearing the same shade on the eyes, lips, and cheeks just looks so pulled-together and yet is so easy. Illumi-Naughty is more of a sheer, dewy highlight rather than a metallic one, so it's perfect for everyday and for dabbing all over the face. I love using it on my cheekbones, eyelids, inner corners, and Cupid's bow so make my skin look ultra-glossy. Despite being quite creamy and dewy, I find they last quite awhile on my skin (a full workday for me), although I do have dry skin to begin with.

Have you tried the Nudies yet? I think I need to get the shade Deep Maple Eh next!

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  • Shelby Rodenberg

    These are gorgeous colors. So girly! I love them and definitely want to try them!

  • Pauline

    Looks like a great thick creamy consistency with a great color to give a nice blush to cheeks. I really like the packaging applicator with add on brush tip for blending. It also gives you options to use all-over face. Nice Nudestix Blush. I want to try this product! Hope to see it as a Reward gift.

  • Katy Gutridge

    Can’t wait tell they make different colors love that there is a 2 in 1 stick I’ve tried there shadows and they work amazing 😉

  • Amanda Lingle

    BONUS BONUS the blender that is on it. Love that it all comes together on the same stick. The colors to choose from are AMAZING. Love matte colors in the winter time. Thanks for the review!

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