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NuSkin ageLOC Power Mask

I received this mask from a giveaway. This mask is from a company called NuSkin. They have masks and other facial products. 

The mask has a mesh lining on both sides and the mask is in the middle of the sheets which I love because it is easier to apply and less messy on your hands. It also has extra liquid so you can apply it to your neck or arms or any other area of your body you need moisture. 

so, you apply the mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes for that deep conditioned cleaning. After that you just dab the extra in and go ahead and apply your regular skincare products. That is what the package says as well. 

It claims to make your face look instantly refreshed, plumped, and renewed.  Now this is the second time using this mask. And I have to skin felt soft and looked refreshed and clean and as for plumper...not so much. But, do you really want to wear a mask so you can have a fat face? LOL

OH, The mask had NO perfume smell like some masks do. It didnt really have any smell. Which I liked.

Overall, this mask is nice. It does make my face feel refreshed and clean and soft. An overall great mask. I would recommend it to try. 

If you want to try hit the I wanna try and show me some love and leave a comment. 

Thanks everyone!

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  • Sarah

    Interesting has mesh on both sides with actual mask in between the mesh. Sounds great would love to try