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Another day, another snowfall. We’re expecting another 10-15 cm of snow here today and I have to work this evening so I’m reallyyyyy hoping that I don’t end up having to dig my car out at the end of my shift. My reprieve from the frostiness outside that is winter? These new NYX Love You So Mochi Palettes, which are fun, bright and bubbly, which might not entirely make sense (but trust me, it does).


Inspired by the Japanese treat, the NYX Love You So Mochi palettes each contain 10 silky, bouncy (yes, bouncy) shadows. I’ve gotta say, they really pack a punch. Most of the shades, especially the shimmers, have incredible pigmentation and staying power. The lighter shades take a bit more, and the two glitter shades in the Sleek and Chic palette could be a bit stronger, but the rest of them really blew me away.

I love the texture of these; they glide really nicely on the skin, stay true to their colour and are really showy. Of the two palettes, I have to say that the Sleek and Chic version really caught my attention after swatching and wear.
🎨The colours are gorgeous and flow so seamlessly together. If you like to play around with colour, you’ll adore the Electric Pastels palette with its fun pinks, blues and a kickass yellow.

The NYX Love You So Mochi palettes have great texture – the shadows have a bouncy feel to them and they feel silky upon applying, gliding smoothly onto the skin and blending in really nicely. I find they set really well and have quite a bit of staying power, lasting for quite a while without a need to reapply or boost.

(I’m going to apologize for the rough texture of my skin here – it’s gotten better, but I was dealing with this really fantastic rash for a little while – yeah, gross)

💯Seriously though, after seeing these swatches how could you not want to give the Sleek and Chic palette a try? The colours are so heavenly and I’ve worn this several times now for a warm look as you can see below.

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  • Amanda Lingle

    I really like the bright colors with their shimmery colors. Reminds me of spring time which I am impatiently waiting for. Bit the neutral color pallet is to die for colors for me in the fall and winter time. You cant go wrong with either of these pallets.... Summer lover

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