NYX Professional Soft Matte lip cream in Copenhagen

I have always wanted to try NYX lip creams and have never gotten to trying them. Recently one of my IPSY bags had this offered to me as part of my bag and I was more than excited- for one, I was getting to try NYX soft matte lip cream and the other was that it came in a shade that is usually my type of shade that I would usually wear. Mine is an Indian skin tone and neutral or nude shades have never been my thing. When I got my hands on the lip cream I was more than excited to try it out. Coming to the product, packaging was good and usual as all lip creams are packaged. No complaints about that. The applicator wand was also easy to use and apply. The product formula was smooth andn creamy as its name suggests and glided on perfectly on my lips. I applied a little lip balm before as usually liquid lipstics tend to dry out my lips faster. Didn't want to take that risk. I had planned a day outside that involved travelling and being out for around 7-8 hours and eating outside as well. 

To my surprise and after what involved a lot of snacking and eating somewhat oily Indian food the lip cream had an amazing staying power.It did not look messy at all. Ofcourse it wasn't as creamy as it was when I applied but that is a given and you cannot expect it to be some kind of a miracle. Overall, love NYX Professional lip creams and I have just placed a huge order of few other lip products and shades from NYX cosmetics. Cannot wait to try them. Oh! and also, that image is how it looked like after about 6-7 hours of being outside and eating. Gotto love it! 

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