Obsessed with this packaging

I was recently gifted this beautiful moisturizer from Tata Harper and I just want to talk about how awesome this packaging is. This is reusable and the starter kit comes with these littles pods that you insert right into the reusable container. You’ll want to peel the foil seal back gently (careful, don’t touch the product!) and them carefully screw the lid into the pod. Make sure it’s nice n tight then drop the pod into the container and give it a another good tightening. Be sure it’s secure! Then pop the lid off and pump to dispense the product! Look how beautiful that is 😍
A beautiful moisturizer in a package that’s easy to use and keeps your product clean and fresh without contamination. This lightweight moisturizer is engineered with water-locking technology to deliver a sustained dose of hydration. Orange peptides and pomegranate spheres help form a breathable barrier for a silicone-free smoothing effect. It’s great for all skin types and it’s vegan and cruelty free. You just can’t go wrong!
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  • Kelly K

    That's awesome! I kinda want it just for the packaging lol! That's pretty cool! How much is it?