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☮️ Offer to my hair with Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Ampoules

  In an effort to atone for my hair sins I decided to try Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots Ampoules. I’m somewhat skeptical when it comes to at home hair treatments because of past experiences and my wallet can’t handle the burden of the expense (yeah I’m talking to you Olaplex).  My hair is damaged from being colored, dry, lacks shine and doesn’t have much body, so what do I have to lose right?

🔹Step 1: I washed my hair with Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo ( I use this regularly but specific 🧴is not mandatory ).

🔹Step 2: I squeezed excess water from my hair, emptied shot into my hand and applied it onto my hair as instructed from mid-length to the ends while massaging it in. I lightly combed my hair to ensure good distribution and tackle ever present knots.

🔹Step 3: After leaving it on for three minutes I rinsed it out with warm water and finished with a shot of cool 💦(the ⏰ needed is only one minute but I’m a rebel).

🌷The ampules are easy to open and the product has a pleasant smell. The texture is lighter than I expected which made easy to rinse off.  My hair was relatively knot free, didn’t feel weighed down and felt clean (residue free).

🌷Once my hair was dry it actually looked healthier than before and was soft to the touch. There was a visible shine and it appeared fuller. This is major because who doesn’t love instant results and gratification?

🔸Pantene's Rescue Shots are intended to be used once per week instead of conditioner. 

🚨Using it excessively ( 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m guilty) can actually work against you because some of the ingredients ( Stearyl and Cetyl Alcohol) will cause build up in your hair!

🌷Having used the shots for over a month I’m happy with the results, going to continue to use and would recommend them to anyone.  They are widely available (Target, Walmart, CVS, Amazon) and cost around $5 for a pack of three. 

 🧾 Savings Tip🧾

Pantene is part of the P&G family so you can go to https://www.pgeveryday.com for coupons. They also currently have a Buy $50 Get $15 Rebate for products purchased between 2/2/20-5/31/20!

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