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OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter in Rodeo Drive

⭐ The OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter in Rodeo Drive is described as a universally flattering sun-kissed shade. It's meant to "capture the luxury and glamour of the famous street in sunny California".

🎨 It’s incredibly pigmented and really doesn’t need to be built up unless you’d like to be seen from space. You know how lots of people say a highlighter is blinding, but really it’s just a little extra glowy? Well, Rodeo Drive really is blinding!

⭐  I really have to remember to use a light hand when reaching for this one. I don’t mind it so much in photos, but in person you can see me coming from miles away. It’s really beautiful though. You can see Rodeo Drive in action above.

⭐ This is probably one of the easiest highlighters I’ve ever had to photograph. Usually I have to tilt my head just right so that the light hits my highlight allowing it to show in a photo. I didn’t have to try so hard with Rodeo Drive.

👍 Overall, I was impressed with how pigmented it was. It’s a serious highlighter. If you want a highlighter that means business I think you’d really love it. I personally love it.

🤑 But if you’re looking for something more natural, you might find it to be too much. It is also very pricey(29 USD). That would be my only con.

❤️ Have you tried anything from OFRA Cosmetics? What highlighters are you loving right now?

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  • Melissa Griffith

    Ofra makes some of the best highlighters. Rodeo Drive, pillow talk, and blissful are my 3 favorites. There is a couple I haven't tried yet. I'm hoping since it is holiday season they will have them on sell or put the colors I dont own in a palette together. Some of my other favorite highlighters are Cookie by benefit and the first Dior backstage highlight palette. Lorac also makes some really great highlighters that are not ever talked about.

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