OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

Ok so recently I have been obsessed with having my hair in a certain type of style. My hair is naturally wavy but I wanted a product that could enhance those waves and help them look more textured and messy. I use many different brands of texturizing spray because in my opinion some do give a different result than others. OGX texturing spray has been a brand that I have consistently used for quite some time. This particular sprays  key ingredients are sea salt, sea kelp, and Moroccan argon oil. I like this texture spray because it doesn't leave my hair looking and feeling to rough or textured. It is more on the subtle side and is great for everyday use. I don't have to wash my hair every single time after using it because it doesn't leave my hair feeling like I sprayed a ton of hair spray in it. I also like that it contains argon oil which helps nourish the hair and keep hair feeling soft. It is a great affordable texturing spray and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a texturing spray to use and isn't quite sure which brand to go for.  

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  • Nity

    I have used it as well! I love the shampoos, conditioners, oils and sprays, scents are so good and they leave my hair like a mermaid 💕

  • Micheala

    would love to try this for my hair thanks for review