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Oh! K beauty and tester bag

OH! K and prismpop tester bag !

I just recived this amazing package and I am to exited to show you guys!

What I recieved was:

-Skin clarifying leopard print sheet mask ($5)

-Chok Chok Glowing moisterurizer ~full size!!~($15)

-Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask ($3)

-Replenishing Jeju island hydrogel mask ($7) 

-Revitaling pepperming foot mask ($9)


VERY CUTE PACKAGING. Like the panda that is their is sooooo cuteeee and the colorful fonts it has !

First impression 

I love all the products they make my face sooo smooth and clean. especially the Chok Chok moisturizer ! Also when the mosturizer says "glowing" THEY WEREN'T LYINGGG!! <333


I love everything I recieved it really helps me with my skin because I have really dry skin around my nose and when I put the moisterizer it hydrated my nose and I love it! I am for sure buying more of their products in the future! 

Have you guys tried their products? If so let me know which ones!


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