Oh K! Glow Mask Challenge – Accepted!

(The top of the Watermelon Sheet Mask is missing because I was so eager to test it, I forgot to take a group photo before opening it!)

First off, the packaging on these masks just make me happy. From the colors, to the font, to the panda peeking out from the top of the package. It makes me smile to look at them. Also, like with almost all facial sheet masks I’ve tried, there’s a lot of serum in each package (with the exception of the hydrogel mask). Like a lot a lot. I tend to also squeeze out a little from the mask so it doesn’t drip while I use it, and I’ve never had an issue with not having enough serum afterwards. Because I hate the idea of waste I always decant them into a dropper bottle and voilà more serum to use!

But on to the masks and moisturizer itself.

With the exception of the Foot Mask, after I took each sheet mask off, I let the excess serum absorb into the skin for a few minutes without rinsing it off and then applied the Chok Chok Moisturizer on top.



Oh K! Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask with Vitamin C

Watermelon Sheet Mask

Vitamin C is a proven skin care ingredient, but as I’ve used it for years I think the effects have plateaued for me as I don’t really see much of a difference anymore (though to be honest, I didn’t really see much of a difference to begin with, but my skin did feel nice so I kept on using it). The sheet itself is thin, holds a lot of serum, and is very comfortable to wear. The serum itself does have a bit of a strong sweet scent to it. I kept it on for a bit over the recommended 20 minutes and had no issues with it drying out or falling off. (I was working in front of the computer and not moving around much for the duration, so I don’t know what would’ve happened if I decided to start moving around and doing chores.) I don’t think my skin was any brighter afterwards, but it felt nicely hydrated.

Verdict: Would recommend for the hydration and anyone who wants to try a sheet mask.


Oh K! SOS Skin Clarifying Leopard Print Sheet Mask with Tea Tree and Willow Bark

Skin Clarifying Leopard Print Sheet Mask

As someone who’s suffered from teenage acne and now adult acne, I’m always on the lookout for things that will keep my skin clear. Luckily I seem to have things under control at the moment, which unfortunately means I can’t speak to how this works on active acne. I can say that I do like how my skin feels afterwards – soft and smooth. It also felt pretty hydrated as well. The scent is also much more mild compared to the Watermelon Sheet Mask.

I’m looking forward to seeing if the leftover serum works on my skin to keep it clear. I’ve had good results with Willow Bark (specifically Burt’s Bee’s Targeted Spot Treatment and not the rest of their Natural Acne solutions line, but that’s another review) but strangely enough I don’t think I’ve ever really used Tea Tree Oil products much despite it being a solution for acne. I think I’ve used maybe one or two and either they didn’t work or were too drying. The tea tree oil in this seems more promising.

Verdict: Would recommend.


Oh K! Replenishing Jeju Island Hydrogel Mask with Jeju Prickly Pear and Green Tea

Replenishing JeJu Island Hydrogel Mask

So this was different. Instead of being a single sheet soaked in serum, this was a two piece gel mask that’s supposed to be made of the essence itself. The mask is very slippery and sort of reminds me of flat mung bean noodle sheets. The mask is also a bit fragile and easily torn, so be careful when removing it from the plastic backing – I somehow managed to put 3-4 little tears into it.

I’m not really a big fan of the 2 piece format – while the top piece stuck on my skin nicely, the bottom half seemed to always shift around and create little air bubbles. It was only after it started drying out a bit that it stuck to the skin better. Also, the two pieces leaves small parts of the skin exposed so there’s no serum being soaked in.

Those were my first impressions. 30 minutes later, I came around a bit on this mask. While I’d still prefer one piece so that all of my skin is covered and would like to be a little less fragile, this was the most comfortable face mask out of the set. Once it started to dry out a little and really stick to my skin, I forgot I had it on. It also felt slightly cooling, which I like in general, but really appreciate in this weather. As my skin isn’t dry at the moment, I can’t really say if the drying out of the mask affected its effectiveness at hydrating skin. Like with the other two face masks, my skin did feel very comfortable and hydrated after I removed it. Unlike the others though, I didn’t have a layer of excess serum that I had to wait to dry/soak in. (This was also the mask with the least amount of excess serum in the satchel.)

Verdict: Torn. Love how it felt, but unsure about its effectiveness. It is also the most expensive of the facial sheet masks and there’s little excess serum that can be used like the others.


Oh K! Chok Chok Glowing Moisturiser with Citrine

Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer with Citrine

I gotta admit, I was very skeptical about the “Citrine Energy”, “Ruby Empower”, and “Quartz Balance” claims. I hadn’t heard of citrine before, but apparently it’s a yellow variety of quartz. I also hadn’t heard of crystals in skincare products, but apparently it’s a thing?

My crystal skepticism aside, this is a nice light moisturizer. I think the scent is a bit on the stronger, flowery/sweet side so if you’re sensitive to scents, that’s something to keep in mind. The moisturizer itself is thin, light, and absorbs into the skin nicely and my skin feel comfortably moisturized. It does leave a bit of a shine to the skin, which I suppose is the “glowing” part of the “glowing moisturizer” but as I had extremely oily skin when I was young I’m in perpetual fear of looking oily and tend to prefer a more matte look.

Verdict: Might recommend depending on what you’re looking for in a moisturizer and if you’re okay with scents. At $15 though, it’s worth it if the ingredients are something you’re looking to try and/or you want to dip into K-Beauty.


An additional note about the sheet masks and moisturizer: I tend to be very breakout prone and while I haven’t had a sudden heavy breakout I have noticed a few small clogged pores here and there a few hours after using the Skin Clarifying mask. I don’t know if the mask initiated a bit of a purge, or moisturizer isn’t playing nice (as I’ve been using that daily after each mask), or if it’s just my skin being my skin. After 3 days of masking and moisturizing though I haven’t had any big breakouts so I’m giving the products the benefit of the doubt and think it’s just my skin misbehaving.


Oh K! Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask

Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask

I was immediately hit in the face with peppermint as soon as I cut the bag open (I hadn’t even opened the individual “socks” yet, which to me is a great thing because I love how refreshing mint scents are. It definitely woke me up! Unlike the sheet masks, the layer of the sock mask that’s soaked in the serum is protected by a plastic outer layer so that you’re not dripping serum all over and you can move around in them. (The “move around part” is probably also dependent on the surface you’re walking on as you are walking around with plastic bags on your feet. I suppose you can also put slippers to avoid slipping, but why not just kick your feet up and relax?)

The other thing I love about peppermint is the cooling effect it has and this was no exception. It felt great on my feet -- I had also used a DIY scalp spray with peppermint in it beforehand so having this cooling sensation on my head and feet was really invigorating and relaxing as contradictory as that sounds. Afterwards, my feet felt soft and refreshed. My only real quibble was rinsing my feet afterwards as I’m so used to leaving leftover serums from face masks on my face to be absorbed into my skin. It felt a little wasteful to do so, like I was washing away perfectly good serum, but I wasn’t about to leave serum footprints all over the place.

Verdict: Want to go out and buy a pair for my mom!


Final Thoughts?

These were all nice masks (even the hydrogel one that I had issues with) and would recommend them to those looking to try sheet masks or K-Beauty. None were must haves for me, rather they’re nice to haves. All the facial sheet masks are touted for daily use, but honestly, that would just be too expensive for me overall.

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