Oh K! Glowing Moisturizer

I love the packaging, the box is colorful and iridescent and the moisturizer container is clean and durable.

I have used several different moisturizers and I have found a lot that leave my face feeling either oily, greasy and mostly sticky, I didn't find that in this one. It has vitamins and hyaluronic acid to perfect and plump skin and super charge your glow while locking in hydration. It softens, smoothes and forms a perfect base for makeup. You don't need to use a lot because a little definitely goes a long way, I learned that with my first use.


It's a lightweight, buildable moisturizer with a glowing pearlescent finish

Shea butter helps to retain moisture in the skin by creating a barrier to help minimize evaporation

Rapeseed oil has emollient properties and is a natural source of vitamin e. 

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