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🌊Oh K! Je Ju Hydro Gel Mask🌊

This mask had me the most excited! I had never tried a hydrogel mask before! The mask itself is made out of the serum, so it maximizes your skin absorption of it! Very neat! It feels jelly like in texture. I recommend rubbing a bit of serum on your face before applying to reduce any slippage!

This super hydrating hydrogel mask has prickly pear (soothing properties), hyaluronic acid, seaweed, green tea, gotu cola, and chamomile in it. The hyaluronic acid helps to create a moisture barrier to help your skin really hold onto it for optimal hydration. You can see the difference in my pictures. I definitely see some plumping effects as well. 

This one was fun to use. It felt nice and cool on my face and seemed to do what it claimed. After I rubbed the serum in my skin and put on my eye cream, my skin was noticeably more hydrated and less wrinkly looking. It felt like it soothed and calmed it as well! Two thumbs up🌊🤘

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