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oh K! leopard sheet mask

The Description
An exfoliating sheet mask for acne prone skin.

Leopards have spots but that doesn’t mean you have to! Oh K!’s Leopard Print Sheet Mask exfoliates and clarifies skin with infused willow bark which helps slough away layers of dead skin cells and helps acne-prone skin to clear pores and stimulate cell renewal. With added tea tree to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation.

This is my first time using a mask with print on it. I thought that was very aweswome and creative. I really think korea is where the skin are is. I have used plenty of sheet mask in my time but seems after every use of a korean face mask, my face feel so smooth for days not just hours.

The packaging was very attractive with the leopard design on the bag very noticeable and calls out to you.

The actual mask is awesome all on its own. I faced timed my granddauther. She is 4 and thought my new "skin" was better then my old lol

It has a faint smell, so faint all I smell is a clean relaxing sent

The cost is $5 or less depending on with website you find it on.

Thank you guys for letting me share my experience with you. So glad I was part of the Prismpop tester bag. I do love trying new skin care.

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