Oh K! masks and moisturizer tester bag

I haven't ever used Oh K! products before so I was excited to get this tester bag. I love the packaging, very colorful. It tells you exactly what it is and what it looks like and they are very easy to open. Regardless of if you travel or not, they don't take up a lot of space. The moisturizer container comes in a nice colorful iridescent box and the container itself is nice and durable.


The first product I tried was the revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask. I've heard of masks and used masks but I didn't know there were foot masks. I was a little skeptical because I didn't know what a mask could actually do for my feet but I learned and was definitely impressed. I have definitely been missing out all these years because my feet felt so amazing for so long. I loved all the products but I have to say that this is my favorite product in the tester bag. It's revitalizing, refreshing and soothing. The benefits of peppermint is it soothes irritations, revives tired skin, calms your mind, and cools and the shea butter provides intense moisture for dry skin. 

It's very easy to use:

Step 1: Wash and dry your feet thoroughly

Step 2: Carelully tear open the pouch containing socks and rub together to pull open at top

Step 3: Place feet into socks and tie around ankles (it has a tab at the top that you peel off the cover in order for the tab to stick to the sock)

Step 4: Leave on for 15-20 minutes

Step 5: Remove socks and massage any excess residue into skin (which you will have)



The second product I tried was the Skin Clarifying Leopard Print Mask with tea tree and willow-bark. I like that it's a print because it makes it fun instead of just being plain or one solid color, my youngest son thought it was funny. It exfoliates and clarifies for a clear and beautiful complexion.

There are 2 key ingredients and the benefits are:

Willow bark: It naturally contains a BHA which helps remove layers of deak skin cells, this exfoliant helps acne prone skin to clear pores and stimulate cell renewal.

Tea tree: It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It's also thought to calm redness, swelling and inflammation.



The third product I tried was the replenshing Jeju Island Hydrogel Mask with jeju prickly pear and green tea, it's great for a skin pick-me-up. It's enriched with powerhouse ingredients like Gotu Kola, Chamomile, and Green Tea. It's a 2 part mask that locks in moisture and maximizes absorbtion. It's thicker and squishy and had a shimmery look to it.

The key ingredients are prickly pear, hyaluronic acid, seaweed, green tea, gotu kola, and chamomile.


The fourth product I tried was the brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask with vitamin c. It's refreshing with a boost of hydration. The antioxidan rich watermelon, gotu kola, vitamin c, and anti-inflammatory peony root work together to help brighten your complexion. This one I found to be the most delicate and didn't fit to my face as well as the others and didn't really smell like watermelon to me.

They're very easy to use:

Step 1: Wash your face and remove makeup

Step 2: Carefully open packet and place the mask on your face

Step 3: Leave on for about 15-20 minutes

Step 4: Remove mask and use a circular motion to moisturize the remaining residue into your skin

I've used a couple of sheet masks on my face before but was not too impressed because they didn't work or they didn't stay on my face, they just fell off but these stayed in place. They also didn't dry out, get hard, or leave my face feeling sticky, greasy or oily. All-in-all, I enjoyed all the face masks, they each had a great scent without being overpowering, moisturized, hydrated, refreshed, nourished, clean, and soothed. I would definitely use them all again.


The last one I used was the Chok Chok Glowing Moisturizer with citrine. It has vitamins and hyaluronic acid to perfect and plump the skin and super charge your glow while locking in hydration. It softens, smoothes and forms a perfect base for makeup. It doesn't leave you skin feeling, greasy, sticky, or oily.


It's a lightweight, buildable moisturizer with a glowing pearlescent finish

Shea butter helps to retain moisture in the skin by creating a barrier to help to minimize evaporation

Rapeseed oil has emollient properties and is a natural source of vitamin e.

I loved all of these products and recommend them to everyone. They each have their own benefits and get the job done




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