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Oh K! Peppermint Foot Mask

This could not have come in at a better time! I am on my feet 40 plus hours a week and I so needed a little "pick me up" for my tired, achy feet!!!! I have never done a foot mask before either this was a very nice experience!

I love that the packaging is minimal and that their products are Cruelty free and Vegan friendly! Also, they made this super easy, as the serum comes in little booties that you just slip your feet into and enjoy the refreshing peppermint. It felt AMAZING! I didn't want yo take them! Very energizing and moisturizing. After the 30 minutes or so, I removed them and massaged the serum into my feet. They felt spectacular! 

This was definitely a great little treat for my poor, tired feet! Totally recommend trying this out!

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