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Oh K peppermint foot mask

Oh K is a Korean makeup and skin care brand. A self proclaimed wellbeauty explore Oh K is always on the look out for the best and most innovative beauty trends. Their peppermint foot mask is no exception to that. The foot mask retails for $9.00. Although pricey for a foot mask it is very relaxing. Right when I open the package I was hit with a delightful peppermint scent. Soon after I pulled apart the two masks and booties and placed them on my feet. I instantly felt relaxing sensation. It was almost a warning sensation in my feet which I quite enjoyed. The instructions recommend keeping them on for 10-15 and I kept it on for about 15 mins. After wards I was quite surprised with how moisturized and relaxed my feet were Pros:relaxing, great smell, high quality ingredients and comes from an innovate brand Cons: one use, price

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