OH K Prism Pop tester bag ( My favorite one yet ☺️)

I was super excited when I learned that I would be receiving the OhK prism pop tester bag. For starters I'm a huge fan of sheet masks it is one of my favorite parts of my skincare routine. I use a Sheetmask almost every single day. So this tester bag is right up my alley 🙌🏻🙌🏻. This bag came with five items a foot mask, 2 sheet masks, a hydrogel mask, and a facial moisturizer. I have never tried the brand OHK before so this was really exciting for me. I can sincerely say after trying out all the products I am definitely a fan and will be certainly looking into to trying more from them especially their sheet masks. I did a separate post for the foot mask considering it was my favorite out of all of the items but I will be giving a brief rundown of the rest of the items below. 

🐆SKIN CLARIFYING LEOPARD PRINT SHEET MASK: I really had a fun time using this Sheet mask. I love the design and the overall style. The leopard print gave off a really fun vibe and was great for a quick Instagram pic 😉😉. But if I'm being honest I more so focus on the Benefits of my skincare versus the packaging so even though the mask is cute and stylish it just wasn't really all that important to me. But I did really like this mask and do feel like it provided some positive results for my skin. This mask contains willow bark and tea tree and is intended to help exfoliate and clarify skin. Willow bark helps clear pores and stimulates cell renewal while tea tree helps to calm and soothe the skin. The Sheetmask fit my face perfectly and left a nice refreshing feeling to my skin. My skin felt revived and my complexion looked even. 

🍉BRIGHTENING WATERMELON SHEET MASK: This Mask is fantastic for dull, tired, and dehydrated skin. This mask contains vitamin C and watermelon extract and will completely saturate your skin with a nice splash of hydration. I actually really loved this mask. My skin felt so replenished and plump after using it. My complexion looked bright and radiant and I had a nice natural glow going on. This would be a mask that I would use on a daily basis. It contains one of my favorite ingredients vitamin c which has so many benefits for the skin and it is incredibly hydrating which is a benefit that I always search for in most if not all of my skincare products. 

✨CHOK CHOK GLOWING MOISTURIZER: A fantastic lightweight moisturizer that provides the skin with a nice balanced hydrating feel. This moisturizer absorbs into the skin almost instantly and is incredibly lightweight. I personally feel like this moisturizer would be perfect for those who have oily skin. One thing I really appreciate is that it leaves skin with a nice glow without feeling to heavy or tacky on the skin. This moisturizer contains Shea butter which is great at nourishing the skin and helping skin retain moisture as well as citrine which is fantastic at engerizing and reviving your skins complexion. Overall this moisturizer makes for a great addition to my morning skincare routine and I will enjoy using every bit of it. 

💦JEJU ISLAND MINERAL HYDROGEL MASK: I love hydrogel masks they are extremely relaxing and cooling on the skin especially when put in the fridge and they are great at depuffing the face. So naturally I did put this mask in the fridge before applying it so I could get the full experience and OMG IT WAS AMAZING. It felt so relaxing and my skin felt so refreshed afterwards. This mask contains prickly pear, green tea, and chamomile. This mask is great for boosting skins hydration and providing skin with a nice fresh pick me up. The hydrogel helps to lock in skins moisture and helping to promote better absorption. Definitely recommend this mask it's pretty phenomenal. 

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