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Oh K! Skin Clarifying Leopard Sheet Mask

This was the first mask I decided to try because my skin is so broken out and irritated from wearing a Covid mask 8 hours a day. I also saw it as a reason to wear my cat ears too!🤣 

This sheet mask not only looks cute, but is packed full of amazing ingredients such as tea tree, willow bark (exfoliates/reduces signs of aging), Indian Pennywort (stimulates cell growth/collagen/healing) and Ku Shen root (antiseptic). Its perfect for those of us that have wrinkles AND breakouts! 

The mask itself was easy to apply, and they are NOT skimpy on the serum! After I took it off and massaged the serum in, my skin looked immensely better than before! (As seen in the unedited pictures) I gotta say, I am super obsessed with this mask. It really did calm my angry skin and make it look smoother. Win!

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