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Oh K, Spa week!

I had so much fun testing all of these Oh K Beauty masks! They were all pretty decent masks, and I will say I noticed a difference in my skin with 3/4 masks which is honestly unusual for me when it comes to sheet masks. 

So lets start with my favorite!

The Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Mask.

The scent of these was amazing. It was definitely peppermint, but not overwhelming. It was honestly more of a sweet smell than anything. 

I really liked that the booties had the tape attatched, I've tried other foot masks that just came with tape basically, and this seemed much nicer. 

And I feel like this product worked, my feet definitely felt softer afterwards.


Brightening Watermelon Sheet Mask

I liked this mask but didn't love it.  I think I was just expecting a stronger scent. My boyfriend said he noticed a difference after I used it though, and just throughout the day at work I noticed it in the mirror. 


Glowing Moisturizer 

So I've got to start with the packaging: It's adorable, holographic, colorful, and just so unique. 

The actual product is nice as well, its cruelty free, as well as gluten and sulfate free. I've never considered gluten being in my skincare before so this definitely sparked my curiosity as far as that. It does however contain citrine, with helps brighten skin!  

I didn't notice a huge difference from my regular moisturizer when using this, but I didn't get any breakouts from it either so it's a win for me.


Replentishing JUJU Island Mask

This mask was very interesting. It was very gel-like, which is cool, except that it was so slippery I had to lay down completely to use it! I also had some issues getting the cuts to line up on my face, i'm not sure if it's because of how slippery it was, or if it was defective, but it did still work of course. And I will say I felt like an alien baddie, lol. Unfortunetly while this was my favorite face mask as far as look/feel its the only one I saw absolutey no results from.


Skin Clarifying Leopard Print Mask

So I honestly didn't lovvveeeee this mask as far as aesthetics. Blue leopard print just felt very extra in a somewhat ugly way.

Aside from that though, it's a great face mask. I had some skin blemishes that for sure lessoned after using this. I had less redness and general irritation. 



Fun collage of all my face masks:


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