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OhK Prismpop Testers Bag Review

i was fortunate enough to try the ohk testers bag and here are my reviews on each of the 5 products!

hydrating watermelon sheet mask (pink) - this smelled like a fog machine to me haha! alcohol was like the 4th ingredient, so i don't know how it could be hydrating. it didn't make any difference in my skin, but it didn't dry out my skin either which was a pleasant surprise. 

skin clarifying leopard print sheet mask (blue & black) - alcohol is like the 4th ingredient in this one too, which isn't good for my dry skin. thankfully, it didn't dry out my skin at all. it didn't clear my skin either, but i rarely notice a difference in my face using sheet masks.

chok chok glowing moisturizer - this smells like hairspray to me haha. but it goes away after you put it on your face. i really like this moisturizer. it's super thick, so i used it at night. with my dry skin, it's easy to tell if a moisturizer is good because my skin will dry out very very fast. but, it never did dry out, so this is a very hydrating moisturizer. absorbs well for being so thick!

jeju mineral lava sea water hydrogel mask (green) - i loved this mask! it it shimmery and absolutely beautiful. it kept falling off, but if i laid down it wasn't a problem haha. it hydrated my face so well, i saw immediate results. 

revitalizing peppermint foot mask - i usually don't see a difference with foot products, because my feet are way beyond repair haha! this mask talks about reviving tired feet, and it did exactly that. i had been walking all day on a concrete floor, and this somehow relieved all the pain from that. it also hydrated my feet very nicely. i'm impressed! 


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