Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum

I have been testing Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum with B3 + Peptides. This serum comes in a bottle with an easy application dropper with a light subtle scent. I use morning and night; first cleansing then applying serum, and finally-moisturizer. Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum is an effective serum packed with vitamins B3 as well as peptides. Applies easily and smoothly; dries fast. I have seen reduction in fine lines/the start of crows feet in two weeks of usage. I have to say that overall I am amazed at how great this product is. Amazing price for a great serum that delivers! I recommend Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum with B3 + Peptides. 

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  • Jennie

    It really has shown a difference in your fine lines in that little of time? Well I really need to give this a try then. I have been looking online@reviews of so many products so this one us going on the top of the list now. So thanks so much for the review. Its really helped me in finding what product im going to buy next to give a try&just keep my fingers crossed. So ill be reviewing&posting this same product in the near future. Thank you Christie.

  • Anna hudson

    Thanks for the review :)

  • Shaintel Spencer

    Does this coverage seem more evenly covering or do you feel like if you put foundation over it does it crack and peel?

  • Adaria Johnson

    Cool products