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great for skin problem areas.

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  • Myshell

    Hi Jamie , I'm checking out your profile , I can't wait to see more reviews from you .

  • Hibah

    I love this! It’s called Cloud Paint and its made by Glossier. It looks like paint, but it’s actually like blush! I use it, and it really does help with my skin problem areas! The light pink one is the one I tried, and it gives your skin a cute pink tint. It may look different on many people because of different skin colors, but I have a skin tone a bit lighter than tan, and this works for me! If you guys are interested, thats great! I love this product, I think you will too!

  • Amanda Lingle

    Umm this is regular paint? How is this good for your skin problems? This is a site for reviews on cosmetics and other skin and hair products. Think you might be mistaken on your 2 post you have put up.