One of my favorite Cosplay wigs

First off I have to say this wig may not be lacefront (i have plenty of those) 

It's just a Cosplay wig but I love it. 

I really didn't wear any makeup today. Just some AOA lipgloss from ShopMissA. Yes I love all cosmetics from $1 to high-end. 

Skincare has been my first priority lately. I'm turning 40 and I want to look youthful,healthy and glamorous. 

My favorite skincare right now is Elemis. I love their entire line. Especially the rose oil. And I love Glam Glow. Such a fantastic brand. 

What's your favorite skincare line? Do you shop on ahopmissa? And if you love wigs you are at the right page! I'm a professional makeup artist and beauty/fashion influencer. 

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  • Crystal Thompson

    First off you do not look near 40!!! What is your secret??!! Seriously you look amazing 🙌😍💗 also where do you get suggest for wigs?? Cosplay and any other decent quality? That's always been something I've wanted to experiment with lol

  • Serena

    Susie- girl I love wigs and recently figured out a decent skin care routine. I’m turning 40 too and I love makeup and wigs now as much as ever but I didn’t realize how much my skin was going to change! Fashion is another passion.. I wish we could actually be friends (weird sorry) but your post and look ..I feel like we have so much in common