One of the most comfortable matte lipsticks that I’ve ever had!

Hello everybody!

This is my first product from the Yves Saint Laurent brand and I have to confess that it’s already a hit. I’ve already heard a lot about their makeup. It’s always said to be of a good quality, simple and super sophisticated.

This lippie is brand new. The super thin stick is a feature of the brand, which won’t be found among any other cosmetic companies.

The casing is alluring and so luxurious.

A matte black top cap comes close with a gilded engraved bottom part.

The couture slim square bullet design is really graceful. I’ve never had such a lipstick-shape before. But it’s so convenient! The contour is easy-breezy to outline and there’s absolutely no fuss with it. I don’t even have to use a lip liner.

My lipstick is of a nude shade: #17 Nude Antonym.

All in all, there are 17 shades in the line and all of them look fantastic.

My lipstick is super complicated color-wise. I wish I could say that it’s a pure ash rose color but no, it also has some pink and red pigments to the formula! Cool and pink shades aren’t my cup of tea, though. But looking at this one, I can see that it’s a 100% hit for me. It’s absolutely harmonious and it’s so light sensitive. Under the sunlight, I can see how warm-toned it is. When it’s cold or dim I can detect cool-toned undertone. I think it’ll flatter everyone. This shade is undoubtedly very yummy. It isn’t too bold or vibrant yet at the same time, it isn’t a boring nude.

This matte lipstick isn’t dry and is so comfortable to wear.

The layer is thick and smooth, like my “second skin”, indeed. It doesn’t accentuate any flaking or settle into crevices.

Staying power: the formula isn’t transfer-proof, so it stains glasses. And make sure to re-apply it after a full course meal. It would be rather silly to expect phenomenal longevity from a stick matte lippie, especially when it’s so comfortable during the wear.

I’m absolutely head over heels with it and now I reach only this one when I put on my lip makeup 

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