Budget-Friendly Versatile Eyeshadow Palette - E.l.f. Opposites Attract

Prism Pop! I'm back! Hi everyone, so this new Elf palette is something I would absolutely recommend. It is affordable, yet still quality. It's easily a seasonal palette, but can also pull off an all year palette with a mix of colors. 
In this video, I test out a few colors and was really impressed with how little I had to use for it to show up. Usually cheaper products are a little more blotchy and fall right off, but this product is great and stayed on all day. I also know from previous experience, that it stays even when working out or in my dance classes.
This palette is a YES.
Let me know what you think, if you'd want to try and like it if you did like this review!! xo

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  • Jennie

    Omg I totally want this. I LOVE Elf products. This would be a great addition to my small eyeshadow products and has so many different looks you could try with this palette-yay💕

  • Sindra ~

    Seeing that I really wanted to try the elf products.i just ordered 7 new elf products yah I about went crazy but I did limit my purchase to what I really needed.eye Shadow eye liner primer lip plumper blush brushes yah new ones.i can't believe the low prices on elf products. they are so amazing.i just hope they really work great..once I get my products from elf I'll let every one see what they all look like.i was compelled by the prices to order these elf products..have a great day..

  • Cris Martin

    Loved the colors and it's affordability.

  • Nicole W

    Love the colors.

  • Janice

    I bought the E.L.F. eyebrow brush and it works wonderfully. And what a great price.

  • Anna hudson

    Are they pet friendly?

  • Sam west

    Love elf, great review

  • Tina Russell

    ELF is one of a my very few tried and true, can live without brands. The price is right, the colors are workable, buildable and current. Can't wait to get my hands on this pallet!

  • Debbie McGill

    ELF products are the best very cheap but good quality I love them have quite a few nice thing they put some good colors all together.

  • Janice

    Today when shopping I bought E,L,F eyebrow color brush. I've never used it before, So I'm interested to see how well it works. I'll post again after trying it.

  • Mandy Fleetwood

    Thank you what a great review! I have been a little skeptical myself at times when trying products that are so much less expensive but I too have been pleasantly surprised by some as well. I can't wait to try this eyeshadow palette!!

  • Lindsey

    I love ELF products! This looks like a nice palette!

  • Carrie Burrus

    I love the colors. I love ELF products. They are very affordable and good quality. Great review.

  • Christeasha boyd

    I love the colors in this palette and I’m glad it budget friendly

  • Stephanie Whitman

    I have a few of palettes that really work in a pinch... not to mention the price is so right! Thanks for the review!

  • Danielle Gentry

    That is a beautiful palette, I def wanna try it and elf is very budget friendly

  • Lori Odaniel

    This is more than gorgeous elf is wonderful more than an effective price thanks for showing elf.

  • Danielle Bogovich

    I love to collect eye shadow palettes. Mostly I just like to collect them but I do have a few that I actually use, mostly shimmer and nudes. This E.L.F. one is a palette I'd use though.

  • Donna Weeks

    I have never tried ELF products, but these eye shadows look great!


    This is beautiful! I need this one for sure! Elf is one of my favorites!

  • Wendy

    Lovely palette!

  • Faith Smith

    I have a budget friendly palette featuring wet n wild im excited to try it.

  • Misty

    I don't have an eye pallet..would love to try this one tho!

  • Arided

    I have elf and love their pigmitaion it real good for less expensive palettes, I love the colors of this pallet!

  • lintu

    Juvia's place has the most budget friendly but high quality palettes. The Nubian 3 coral is my favorite and it only costs $10.

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