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OUAI Hair Oil Review

Texture and Consistency: Thin, not too slippery or sticky. Not too greasy. It is a light weight fluid.
Scent: Floral and very strong but pleasant to my nose. It smells like Jasmine flower. The scent lingers on for good amount of time. If you are allergic to scents, this one is not for you. 
Application: I take a little more than pea size amount of this oil in my palms, rub it well and apply is on my dry hair. I avoid using it on the scalp. I also use it generously an hour before washing my hair. Just apply it nicely to coat the hair shaft, but avoiding the scalp. It acts like a hair mask. A treatment mask. 
Feel and Effect on Hair: This feels very light on the hair. It is not pure 100% oil. It does have that slippery, silicone texture, but is not super greasy. The product does not weigh my hair down. It makes them appear less frizzy, smooth and shiny. Also, it helps the hair retain its moisture and locks in the natural oils, when I use it before hair wash as hair oil or hair mask. It conditions the hair beautifully. 
Packaging: This comes in a clear plastic bottle and has a pump dispenser. The pump does not dispense too much product and can be controlled easily. The packaging is very basic. 
Verdict: I love this 
Ouai Hair Oil. It worked for my fine hair. It is neither too slippery nor too greasy. The scent though strong, does not bothers me. I find it pleasant. It helps tame the frizz and smooths the hair. I like to use flat iron after applying this and the combination of the two gives soft, smooth, silky manageable hair. I think I have used all the good adjectives that I could for this product. 
Big thumbs up!!
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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great review on this product. love seeing your photos for the detail it shows

  • Shelly Jacquez

    I have fine hair too and like this review. Thank you so much! Your info is helpful

  • Brandy

    My hair gets super frizzy, and this sounds like a product I need, I also use a straighting iron in my hair, so I'm glad it products your hair from getting damaged and leaves it feeling silky smooth! and it smells great is a extra bonus! Thank you for the review, I have been using garnier serum which I love and work great but always looking for new ideas and products so i will had to check this one out.

  • Jennifer Hall

    I would love to try

  • Sarah

    Sounds really nice I love jasmine! Would love to try

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