*OUAI is rocking my mane

Hey everyone! Nicole here, and I just wanted to give OUAI a little personal shout-out! I got a 1.4 oz sample from my December Allure box and I am so impressed with this stuff 😀

OUAI texturizing hair spray=Dry shampoo and hair spray had a baby 

🌿About the product: ultra light weight hairspray that builds out of this world volume and texture, packed with volcanic minerals to absorb oils and refresh that beautiful hair.

🎁About the package: My aerosol spray container came to me in a nice silver, 1.4 oz tester, but for $26 you can go get the big 4.5 oz bottle. Im going to as soon as I'm out of this one.

📝Application: shake, hold ​​​​​Bottle 6 inches away from hair, mist hair from root to end.flip hair upside down and spray for maximum volume. Easy peasy.

💵Talking money: $26 for the big bottle. Worth it

🤓💭My final thought: I am in LOVE!!! It smells great, a very light floral scent, deff couldn't tell that it came from volcanic mineral. The effect the OUAI texturizing hairspray did for my hair was out of bounds awesome! I already had one hellova mane but after a few sprays of this stuff took it to the next level. I recommend this to anyone with hair.

Thank you for viewing, don't forget to like and follow your girl, Nicole. Love and peace!

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