Pantene nutrient blends

This hair mask is a miracle moisture boost . It smells so good , like fresh flowers 🌸. 
 Apply a half a dollar amount ( or more if you need ) to your damp clean hair , comb through with your fingers and let it sit 5-7 minutes or longer ; I leave it on 30 minutes so I can let it work all it's magic 😉  And once I rinse it out 🥴my hair is looking and feeling good! 

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  • Desirae

    Unfortunately I disagree with the smell! I never have been a very florally person, patterns or scents! I didn’t know how strongly scented it was and have no desire to buy it again. It made my hair feel amazing though I will give it that.

  • Jenna

    I love hair masks! I have not tried this one before though.