Parkave Princess from Tarte

This Parkave Princess Chisel Pallet came in my November Boxie Charm Box, and I couldn't be happier.

My phone REALLY doesn't give these colors justice. The shades are: Halo, enhance, carat, princess cut, angle and crown. Even the gold pallet itself is so PRETTY and extremely well made.

Also, this pallet smells AMAZING! I did not expect that! Apparently Tarte has a scent to it and I did not KNOW!😮 It is extremely nice though.

I would recommend this product and repurchase when needed. I really like this pallet, it makes my work a little easier with this color selection. I have more of a medium skin tone and I think they look great!😊👍

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  • Sarah

    I personally have noticed a few of my tarte products smell kinda like chocolate maybe a vanilla scent some of there products do actually have some cocoa in them. I believe that is where the scent comes from.

  • sally peabody

    That is a beautiful color pallet. I never noticed Tarte having a scent...maybe the foundations hmmm...I am sure it is nice. Good review Thanks

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