INVEST in this Classy Pat McGraph Labs MOTHERSHIP Eyeshadow Palette 💸

I adore the packaging of this eyeshadow palette, it's pure royalty and class. Absolutely one of my favorite palettes. The colors are all shimmer based, perfect for glamming up a nightout look. The colors are pigmented and easy to apply with a makeup brush! Palette is def on the pricier side but a great beauty to invest in!

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    You looked beautiful! Love how you did the wing from under the eye. I've been looking into his palettes for a while, but can't get myself to spend the cash yet. Haha maybe one day. Thanks for the review.

  • Sylvia Foster

    You have such pretty eyes, and I love the colors Nice pigments and glitter.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    Love pay McGrath labs cosmetics!!! I have fallen in love with the fetish eyes mascara, it's better than better than sex in my best opinion!!!

  • Christian Callaway

    I love how the colors are shimmer based and pigmented. I love how the white color looks and would love to try out this eyeshadow palette. It looks really sturdy to that it would be safe to travel with.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I really like that! Those colors are beautiful and I like the mirror it's good sized not tiny. Thanks for review I really haven't been into eye shadow but I think I will try this! Thanks for great review.

  • Jessica Bryant

    Short and sweet! You created and executed a nice look in no time flat! Love your style!

  • Samantha

    I love that gold color

  • Frances Rich

    The color looks so good on you. Sometimes utsgood to spend a little more on accessories, we are worth it.

  • Corissa Reviews

    Those jewel tones shimmer are so pretty! I've wanted a Pat McGrath palette forever and I've had my eye on this one. But and that price point seems a bit crazy. But I only want it more after your video! Thanks for sharing! 💋

  • Olga Davis

    Anything shimmer for me😍 love love the different colors. I would like to try this pallette.

  • Tina Geane

    That Pat McGrath pallette definitely is on the pricier side, but I can see how much sturdier it's made the mirror inside is large. The pans look big. The variety of colors I love in those vivid jewel tones. It really is the "Mother Ship" I love it, and would LOVE to be able to try this product!💜😭 If I could swing the cost! Really good Product & Brand Choice Zhangsta! It is an investment , a pallet like this your gonna have for a long time, great job! Thank You for Sharing with us Absolutely Enjoyed drooling over that Pallette!! It's on my Wish List 🙏 Have a Wonderful Week End 🌺💜

  • Debbie McGill

    A color for every occasion and the Shimmer on top of it looks absolutely fabulous.

  • Micheala

    I Would love to try this

  • Mandy Fleetwood

    This palette looks great! I will definitely be putting this on my list. I adore Pat McGraph products. ❤😍 I received a mascara from Ulta last year for my birthday that was AMAZING ❤ This palette looks FANTASTIC on you! Thank you for sharing 😁

  • Sarah

    These eyeshadows are absolutely stunning I would love to try these! Great post

  • Angie Zhang

    I love this look!

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