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Hi beauties 💕 
I put together my favorite 4 pairs that I think complement each other the best 🥰🥰 hope you love them.💄
All the blushes come from Ofra Cosmetics and all but one are included in the Pro Palette - Blush (pictured).
You can pop the blush pans out of the magnetic palette for refills, which is very cool!
Almost all lippies are Kylie Cosmetics - one is from Huda, but all are matte liquid lipsticks 💋
D E T A I L S: 🌟
💕Pair #1: I woke up like this
Kylie's "Candy K" Liquid Lipstick & "Charm" Blush
This is a great everyday look! Just enough warmth to make me feel put together but not overdone.
💕Pair #2: Spicy Red
Kylie's Boss Liquid Lipstick & B-29 Blush 
This is for when you need to make power moves! Bright red says "I'm in charge!"
💕Pair #3: Soft & Cute Neutrals
Huda Beauty Muse Liquid Lipstick & Pink Satin Blush
The deep neutral red of the lip is so pretty, while the pink brightens up the whole look.
💕Pair #4: Blushing Beauty
Posie K Liquid Lipstick & Candy Apple Blush 
These reds paired together are a classic and inviting look!

I hope you enjoyed this perfect pairing 🥰 what products do you pair together?

Also... What's your fave lipstick/blush? 💄🌟
Let me know in the comments 😘

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  • Brittany

    Would love to try 😍😍

  • Candace

    These colors are poppin! I love it.

  • theresa

    I'm putting kylie cosmetics on my beauty wish list .the blushes and the liquid lipsticks combination are were well put together .i never guessed that number 2 was kylie boss lips i though it was mary joe .ofra blush b 29 and candy apple are my picks .

  • Andrea


  • Christian Brown

    I love all of those shades! My favorite look is the Posie K Liquid Lipstick & Candy Apple Blush it looks amazing!

  • Mariangel Carmona

    Lovely shades..Kylie is the bomb with those lippies.

  • Tyana Lucas

    All of these shades look amazing and they are from the great Kylie! It doesn't get no better! I would love to try any of these shades of lipstick.

  • Jnaylor

    I wanna try please

  • Barbie

    I absolutely love those colors and to be probably the only girl in the world that still hasnt tried kylie I think it's time......

  • Yahaira Polanco

    Love all the colors and you look flawless

  • Ronnie McDowell

    Awesome...I thought that you were Kylie at first. You are beautiful and done a great job

  • Ronnie McDowell

    Awesome 👍

  • Brenda Conley

    Love, love these lip colors. I have about 7 or 8 lipsticks in my purse. Can Never get enough. Especially when you find the shades you love

  • Cara Dougherty

    I would love to try #3 or 4. They are all so beautiful on you but personally #3&4 are my favorite.

  • Suzette sobol

    All the colors look great on you. The candy apple is The best on you. Thank you for showing us these.

  • Micheala

    I could benefit from this thanks for review

  • Brandi Gibbons

    Really pretty colors

  • stephanie alverson

    This site has helped so much with great reviews. I am still on / the fence with Kylie cosmetics. How are the color matches? Us are the formulas smooth and hydrating?? Also since my lips are on the thinner side I really need a good lip liner. A good stain and a non sticky great smelling gloss. If a gone has suggestions please let me know. Thanks guys

  • Illya Ossian

    I would love to try #1&2

  • Patricia

    They're all look great together, but I love the Huda Beauty Muse Liquid Lipstick & Pink Satin Blush is such a perfect combo, great review! My favorite lipstick/blush combo is by Chanel, and my affordable favotite combo is by Milani, they have amazing blushes, and their lippies are very good quality as well.

  • angela

    #3 They are ALL GORGEOUS but I would like to try #3 for me.

  • angela

    I'm excited to try this product . Definitely wanna try this💋🤎❤🤎❤🤍

  • Daisy

    I really want to try these beautiful products in this bag! My favorite lip+blush pairing is a dark, moody red lipstick with a touch of dark pink blush. I think the perfect pairing in the tester bag would be Lip Service Lipstick “Summer Sands” with Cheeky Lips “Spice” since Spice is a pink-brown shade and Summer Sands is a pink-nude lipstick. It would create a natural blush and lip look with a matte finish. I am most excited to try the Lip Service Lipstick “Summer Sands” from this list. It is a beautiful pink color that I adore, plus I love to have a natural makeup style. I love matte lipsticks a lot and the description says that it is a buildable soft matte. I also like The Eyes Have It Eyeshadow in the color “Green Stone” because it is a fun forest green that would look great to parties, plus a hint of shimmer. I love things that have a nice shimmery color, and the Green Stone color is so appealing. I am so excited for this opportunity!

  • Mz Rita

    looove the muse lipstick! thanks for sharing!