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Philosophy of Hope 🌼

Hey everyone! It's Nicole and I ask back with another quick post about one of the items I received in my January Allure box. Enjoy!

*PHILOSOPHY renewed hope in a jar water cream (hyaluronic glow moisturizer)

📣WHAT IT IS: A whipped, light weight face moisturizer for normal and combination skin types. Helps with dryness, pores,fine lines and wrinkles

📝APPLICATION: 1)apply directly in the morning to clean,dry skin.2)follow up with sunscreen and the recommended renewed hope in a jar eye cream.

🌿WHATS INSIDE: Triple blend of Alpha-hydroxy acids,hyaluronate, Asian fruit extracts and a butt ton of other ingredients that help your skin get glowie

💵MONEY: my sample was about $2.50 but you can grab a 2 oz jar of this for $39

🤓🗯FINAL THOUGHT: This is a prime product and the only thing I didn't really like is how the product itself looked. It really resembles and feels like vasoline or neosporin but I really like how it hydrates my face for a solid 6-8. Hours. Impressive. Plus I have NOT had a breakout from using this so far so its not clogging my pores.yay. I might spring the $36 out of my tight little money grubbing fists but IDK we will see . But it's deff worth trying out.

Thank you for viewing! What kind of glowie products are you using right now? Comment below and drop the I wanna try 😍♥ to earn 156 coins! Catch ya next time!

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