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pleased to report that Glossier Brow Flick is not a disappointment

I’m not really a brow person but I have a good track record when it comes to Glossier because I love Boy Brow. I’m pleased to report that brand new Glossier Brow Flick has not been a disappointment.
So the tag line of Brow Flick is ‘more brow for your brow’ and I have to say, that’s pretty spot on. It is a super easy way to fill gaps and amp up the appearance of volume without the risk of getting too heavy handed.
What is Glossier Brow Flick?
So this new super sleek pen is an eyebrow detailing pen:
- Defines brows
- Adds colour
- Creates super light hair-like strokes 
- Fine brush tip 🖌
- Can be used to define the arch, extend the tail, add depth to sparse areas
- Flow-through Brush Applicator Tip
- Superfine and flexible brush fibres allow for fine lines, precise application
- Smudge-proof
- Long wearing ⏰ 
- Sheer
- Buildable
- Available in three shades – Blond, Brown, and Black
How To Use It
As I said at the top, I am no brow pro but I actually find this super easy to use. The strokes are so light so that you gently build up colour and definition, and it is pretty hard to go wrong.
- Begin with clean brow
- Shake pen to activate
- Holding the pen at a downwards angle
- Start where brows are more sparse & etch lightly anywhere you’d like added dimension or definition
- Leave to dry for 15 seconds
You can follow with a brow gel (like Boy Brow) but I actually find that it works pretty well on its own.
My Review
So I instantly loved Glossier Brow Flick. It is so easy to use, and gives a really natural yet noticeably fuller and defined look. 
It is also really long lasting thanks to a combination of three smudge-resistant film formers that make the formula long-wearing and easy to adhere to skin. 🙌🏻
Original content: https://www.reallyree.com/glossier-brow-flick-review-swatch/

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