Polish ur lips with NIU BODY

Hey everyone! Nicole back again to show off a nice sweet product that I recieved in one of my prismpop bags! We're talking about the* NIU Body Pina colada sugar lip polish. 

This container was everything I hoped it would be! A nice amount of delicious sugar polish that is very crystallized. I thought that the application was amazingly awesome and I always can't wait to put more on, so I can get back to licking it off my lips lol. For $10 I'm in and I'll be in forever. Go get some!

Thank you for viewing! Don't forget to follow me and show the love and I'll show it back! Peace!

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  • Shannon Grant

    Awesome product!! This product was one of my favorites. Great job Prism Pop for choosing a great product! Awesome review!! 😊💗

  • Samantha

    I love this stuff so so much! Just got it in my bag! Great review

  • Wade

    I got this in my New Years prismpop bag and I am in love with it. Num num

  • Amanda Lingle

    This is a lip product I have been wanting to try ever since I seen the first review of it. My husband and I both get such rough and dry lips during these winter months. Plus the taste of pina colata is something I could taste and smell all day. Lots of rave reviews for this on here.

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