Pores?! No problem!

I'm a huge makeup fanatic, so I'm always game for trying out new products! Primers are definitely a must have in my makeup routine, so I was excited to give Touch in SOL's No Poreblem Primer a try! 

A little about the product: An airy, smooth makeup primer that covers pores and areas of uneven texture, giving a perfect and seamless coverage for all day wear. Primer is infused with green tea extracts and collagen that helps keep skin hydrated and oil-controlling powders for a longer lasting makeup. 

How to use: 1. Pump a desired amount for a spot you want to conceal and apply a thin layer across the surface of your face. 2. Gently roll your fingers to massage and absorb. 

Now onto my review! 💕

The primer itself is definitely very smooth and creamy. 

Once blended into the skin, I definitely notice a smoother appearance. Plus, it's very soft! 

My face naturally is very red and sensitive, with uneven skin tone, and some texture. 

After applying one pump of the primer, my face definitely felt and looked a lot smoother. The change of the appearance of my pores was not that drastic in my opinion.


When applying my makeup, when using the primer, my foundation definitely went on a lot smoother, and created a much more flawless finish, compared to without. 

Final thoughts: Overall, this primer is a "yes" for me! When applying foundation, it definitely does what it says, in helping smooth pores and your complexion. The primer is creamy and smooth, and didn't irritate my sensitive face! I would recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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