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I believe it's never too late to show your support to a big cause. I created this PRIDE makeup look to show my support to the LGBTQ community.


I created this look using Morphe x James Charles Palette and I love the pigmentations of the palette. All the colours are pretty and perfect. I like how he names all the colours. He gave a very personalised name and I could feel instantly connected to it. 

I started by priming my face and eye lids using Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer which gave me a very soft and smooth looking base. 

After that I concealed and colour corrected my undereye using Maybelline Master Cameo palette in the variant dark. 

I began shading my outer corners with the shade Skip which is a neon pinkish shade and it gave my eyes the perfect shade to start my look. 

I went in with the shade Rusted ( orange) followed by Code James (burnt orange)  and towards the inner eye area I mixed the shade 518 ( sunset mustard) and Bee.(yellow)

I then cut the crease with my L.A Girl Pro HD concealer because I wanted to use a lot of colours. I used Hello( shimmery blue) , Playground ( sea blue) and Escape( purple) to colour my eye lid. 

At the waterline I used the shade Daddy (Green), Single ( muted purple) and Spooky ( Black) and blended well giving the eyes a smoked out look. 

I also applied Kohl on my waterline. I finished the look by applying False lashes. 

On face I mixed Fenty Foundation ( Shade no 290) and Purlisse BB Cream in Shade light medium. I used bronzer and contoured my face and used highlighter to highlight my face. 

For lips I again used the James Charles Palette. I concealed my lips so that the colours show up. And used variety of colours to give it a very colourful look. I topped it up with a clear gloss. 

This look is out of my comfort zone and I loved how it turned out!!!! 

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