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Prime Time is the right time!

          - Touch In SOL - Showdown

This is a showdown between 2 very well known and loved products!

In one corner we have No Pore blem primer! While in the other corner we have No Pore blem prime essence! Both are serious contendors but who will win!

  1.  IN THE FIRST ROUND -                                              - - SCENT - -                                                         Primer - 
  • ▪︎very slight bitter chemical scent, for most likely wont be very noticeable. That scent fades quickly as it dries. I wouldn't say that it took away from the experience as it wasn't a very prominent scent and didn't linger.

    Primer Essence- 

    ▪︎heavy flowery scent very pleasant and very prominent until it dries, but I didn't find it to be an overwhelming or nauseating scent. If anything it actually added to the experience as a lot of makeup I've used tends to have an odd chemical smell.


    - - TEXTURE - -
    Primer - 

    ▪︎has a slightly thicker serum feel to it. It reminded me  of the texture of a corn husk lotion I once used. - this took over 5 minutes to dry but dried smoothly leaving my skin feeling slightly silky
    Primer Essence - 

    ▪︎very liquidy oily texture. This made me think of a watery massage oils professional massage therapists use. - this I personally  found took the longest amount of time to dry about 7 minutes and left a tacky dry texture on my skin


    - - EASE OF USE - -

    - Primer -

    ▪︎It seems this spreads very well as I didn't have any issues with putting it on my skin whether with a brush nor with my fingers.

    - however it thinned out quickly and as I applied it I noted that I had to use a lot more than I normally would to create an even layer. 

     - Primer Essence  - 

    ▪︎I was pleasantly surprised to find that this primer spread very easily in some cases a little too easily as it was fluid enough to move a lot. In fact I didn't even have to use very much of it to not only cover most everywhere I wanted it to, but also created an even layer on my skin. 


    - - THE RESULTS - -

    - Primer - 

    ▪︎results were almost immediate even while drying my pores looks noticeably smaller or blurred. Blending foundation wasn't noticeably more difficult and spread evenly very well whether with a brush or even a beauty blender. 

    - - Primer Essence  - -

    ▪︎when finally dry it still had a tacky rough texture and I saw no noticeable difference to my pores. But also made blending foundation a bit of a chore. And unfortunately left patches of areas where the foundation didn't spread very well whether with a brush, a beauty blender, nor with my fingers.

    ☆Both contestants packed a mean punch☆


 ¤ 《I would have to say out of the both of them primer seemed to be the best as it held my foundation in place the longest and for a shot time gave it a matte finish that I personally prefer where as prime essence made it overly difficult to apply my foundation and left patches of foundation that didn't blend as well.》

 ¤ 《However in the long run neither appeared to hold my makeup in place for more than 2 hours tops. And that includes setting it with large amounts of setting powder and  setting spray. I noted even when I was in a cooler environment my makeup slowly melted off my face leaving it looking oily. Now I do have combination skin so there is a possibility that this will work better for dry skin types. I really dont think it will work too well on oily skin. 》

☆But that lady's and gentlemen is up for you to decide! Which one do you prefer? Who do you think should have won? ☆

♡Did you like this post? Do you want more like it? Let me know, you can always make a request! Until next time you beautiful souls who I adore!♡

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