Prism Pop Tester Bag ( Touch In Sol )

Let me start off by Stating how excited I was to be chosen to test out all the amazing products from the brand touch in sol. I have been wanting to try this brand for awhile and let me just state that every single product I tried was absolutely fantastic. This is a brand that I will be buying from in the near future because the products are of such amazing quality. The tester bag came with five items which I will individually touch on in a short description. All products from touch in sol are Vegan, Cruelty free, and hypoallergenic. The products tested are as follows: 

Mission Complete Mild Scrub & Peeling Black Gel Mask: 

This Mask is A black powder peeling gel that cleanses the surface of the skin, wipes out dead skin, and leaves skin with a smooth surface. So In basic terms an exfoliating mask. This mask contains charcoal powder, lemon extract, papaya extract, Blueberry extract, cranberry extract, rosemary extract and so much more. It is a gentle exfoliant and provides a nice clean feel to the skin. I experienced no irritation while using this mask and it is a fairly easy and quick process when it comes to usage. I will state that I preferably would use this more as a basic scrub versus an actual mask considering I feel it provides the same benefit using it either way. 

ALL IN ONE BEAUTY AID CREAM: This happens to be my absolute favorite product out of all five. I have sincerely seen a very positive change in my skin since I started using this face cream. My skin appears to be more clear and hydrated. My complexion looks even and healthy as well as the increase of plumpness within my face. Now I know I may be coming off as if this is a miracle skincare product but I'm just speaking from my personal experience. The cream does weigh a bit heavy on the skin so I preferably use it at night. All in one beauty cream is a ceramide cream specifically for sensitive and dehydrated skin. This cream contains BIFIDA Ferment Lysate a probiotic which potentially protects against UV induced damage with in the skin and helps with DNA repair. I can in full confidence say that this face cream is definitely worth trying out. I have absolutely fallen in love with it. 

NO POREBLEM PRIME ESSENCE: This Essence is pretty good VERY light weight. It immediately soaks into the pores and provides a nice hydrated feeling to my skin. The main ingredient is Calendula extract which is great at calming and soothing skin irritation. This seemed like a pretty basic product to me. I wasn't necessarily blown away by it but it does provide a boost of replenishment to the skin which is always a positive. 

NO POREBLEM PRIMER: This is a really good primer πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’― and honestly is a great option if your looking for a primer to help minimize those pores. It is a bit thick and does leave skin feeling a tad bit oily ( at least from my experience). I was actually surprised at the thickness of this primer. I mean I'm not saying it is a bad thing it was just unexpected. All in all it does serve its purpose and covers my pores. It leaves my skin with a nice smooth and silky base helping my foundation look more even and flawless. This primer contains green tea extract which is a natural antioxidant and soluble collagen which acts like a filler smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. 

PRETTY FILTER GLASSY SKIN BALM: This was my second favorite product from touch in sol. First off they get an A+ on packaging I mean absolutely gorgeous and the balm itself is phenomenal. I have been using this glassy skin balm every single day since I received it. I use it as a primer or just a simple face cream either way it leaves my skin looking so glossy and hydrated. The balm is very lightweight allowing my skin to breath and so incredibly moisturizing. A little certainly goes a long way, I use about a dime size amount for my entire face. This balm will immediately absorb into the skin upon application and also provides a flawless finish to my foundation. This glassy balm contains some amazing ingredients such as squalane, she butter, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, rose water, hyaluronic acid, and so much more. I definitely recommend trying this product out as well it is a goodie. 

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