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Products That are Worth the $ or $$$ 🤓PrismPop Product Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a Milk Makeup Kush Mascara worth 62,800 coins!
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🧐 Describe a time you were impressed by the value of a beauty purchase! (Subscription, sale, expensive or affordable item that works?)
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➡️   Light Therapy Skincare Routine: Eclair LED Therapy Mask - by Mary f

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  • Katrina

    I love neutral colors this one is bright but would love to try as i have 3 girls in my household

  • Cristy

    Describe a time you were impressed by the value of a beauty purchase! (Subscription, sale, expensive or affordable item that works?) - I once purchased a package of beauty products from Sephora which was perfume but along with it came a bag of samples I received with my purchase and I loved the variety of samples that came with as they were useful, including; mini mascara, lip stick, perfume sprays, primer and face wash for examples.

  • Courtney Reid

    I would love to win some beauty products to pamper myself during this hectic time! Thanks for the chance!

  • Sarah Morgan

    Id love to win some awesome beauty products! Thank you for the giveaway & for the chance!

  • Deborah Klaas

    The milk makeup kush mascara just sounds like it would be an awesome product to at least try! The name alone tells me that it would be gentle on my eyes & lashes. And of course I would love to win & try it out for myself!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kathleen Dougherty

    I once, pretty recently, bought Tarte Pout Prep lip scrub for $20. I thought at the time and still do think that I was crazy for buying a lip scrub that was soo expensive! What was I thinking?! As it turned out, it turned out to be the absolute best lip scrub I'd ever tried. I am definitely glad that I did make that splurge purchase. It was still a lot of money for a lip scrub, though. Lol. 😊❤

  • Amy

    I’m always on the look out for products that effectively work for myself. I’ll say a this product is a steal Hard Candy Setting Spray ... this product is amazing 😉 it works better than all my expensive brands. See samples actually paid off because I would not have tried this because it’s a cheaper brand

  • Rebel

    I would be excited and delighted to win today's mascara products.

  • Katherine Leo

    I’m get the Walmart beauty box 4 times a year with about $20 worth of samples for only $5

  • Christina Knittel

    ForChics eyebrow serum! It is somewhat cheap - the more you buy, the cheaper it is per bottle. And it actually really works great!!

  • Cathe Green

    A while back I was offered a free sample from a company named livid. I ordered their sample and was shocked to receive a 6.75 oz bottle. It turned out to be a wonderful vitamin A and D cream that soothes moisturizing helps with fine lines and wrinkles. An absolutely wonderful product that's been great on my dryer type skin. Looks much better now! I've been using it ever since

  • KRoc

    it had to be the late 90's or early 2000's. I purchased from Nordstrom, Angel. A perfume by Thierry Mugler (which hadn't been out to long). The sales person tells me it's refillable. Just come on back when needed. Really ?? You bet I will !! First time I ever heard of a store doing so. I absolutely loved this perfume them and still do !! xoxo

  • SavageBiaute

    I brought some Wet n' Wild Matte Lipstick from Wal-mart for $1.99 and the shade was called Cherry Picking. I wore it and recieved so many compliments. The lipstick is highly pigmented and a beautiful bluish fuschia color. I had just bought a MAC lipstick in a fushia shade the cheaper lipstick was so good I gave the MAC away hunny! I bought more colors like Stoplight red and I am in love!

  • Alyssa McLaughlin

    I did already comment, but I wanted to leave a tip on this that is REALLY good. Do you ever see those ads pop up on Facebook for TendSkin? It is designed to clear up shave bumps. The ads generally offer the 4 Oz. Bottle for $10 and free shipping. If you only see the free shipping ad, search around on the site. My tip- not only is it great for shave bumps; it is incredible for zits! I don’t get a ton of acne, but I do get bum bum zits 😯once in a while. This product clears them up in 1-2 days and no scarring! I had purchased the product years ago; it cost me over $30! This is an incredible deal, the bottle lasts a long time and it works!!!

  • Violet Symalla

    Not too long ago, I bought the wet n wild dewy luminous face primer. I thought, why not! It’s 5 bucks! What a surprise! It works great! Amazing coverage. Helps my foundation work better. My face looks great and lasts all day. I truly feel as though I’ve found a hidden gem!💜

  • Natasha Harrison

    I want to try this

  • Angela

    I trialed some samples by a company called Jivi. They're products are all so natural, they're literally edible (though I've never tried any). I liked all the products I tried but by far the best of theirs and the best acne spot treatment I've ever used. It's their Hydrating Lemon Tea Tree Acne Treatment. It cuts the zit time WAY down and helps them heal very nicely. I've in fact has some spots disappear literally overnight, no joke! Unfortunately they seem to only sell on Amazon now - they used to sell thru their own site & I cant seem to find much of their stuff there that's not outrageously priced, when they used to be quite reasonable. $18 for a bottle at first, that literally lasted me over a year, up to $23+, depending on the 3rd party seller. Super bummed about that.

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Out of all the subscription boxes out there I would chose the Allure , as they send some full sized products and samples that are high-end. I received a tarte mascara and love it!

  • Leslie Shivers

    New member and I really prismpop it's fun and I really enjoy everything on prismpop

  • Jaime

    I signed up for free samples of skin products. I found one that I really like and didn't break out. It was Lancome 100.00 bottle and now I love it.

  • Melissa

    I just signed up for prismpop. This looks and seems so fun and interesting. Im still new to it all. But the site is super easy and excitingg

  • Sara Willis

    There are two that have impressed me as far as value, Essence Lash Princess mascara and L’Oreal lash primer. They have done wonders for me at a fraction of the cost of higher end products.

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