Quick Curly Hair Repair How-To

Olaplex 3 - It's not a conditioner, it's a bond strengthener! I love how bouncy my hair gets when using this stuff. It really does work!

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  • Mariela

    I have never heard about this product and I am so glad I bumped into this review, because I am trying to rock my curls more and this definitely will help me out! Thank you for the review!!

  • Kerry

    I’ve heard great things about this hair product!! I would love to try this soon, although it’s a little on the expensive side for such a small bottle but I’m sure it’s worth it!!

  • Harmony Brenner

    I used Olaplex 3 on my wavy/curly hair today. However, my hair really needed a shampoo, so I shampooed, added a little conditioner to ease detangling. Then I saturated my damp hair with Olaplex 3. I let in stay in my hair for a few hours. Then, I shampooed again and conditioner my hair, rinsing thoroughly. My curls did not come back, and my hair began to frizz as it air dried. What did I do wrong?

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