Rainbow Eyes Perfect For Pride Week or Whenever 🌈

This amazing look was created using products by NYX Professional Make Up.

I admit this picture is not my own but I have used this as inspiration and using products also from NYX I was able to create a similar look. This was just to amazing not to post.

This surprisingly is not that hard to create if you use this picture as a guide. Start with the red eye shadow. The purple and pink colors are actually eye liner. The white is shimmery and you dab a little bit of the white shimmer in the corner of your eyes after you apply the blue. You can honestly use any brand you want with similar colors.

Anyway hope you enjoy this look as much as I do.🌺  If you have any questions or comments please comment below!👇 Let's be friends, if you follow me I will follow you back! 👫  Please check out my other reviews and posts on here and let me know what you think!💡 Have a great day/night PrismPop community!🌙 BE KIND! 💜

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  • Sammie

    This is GORGEOUS ❣️ I have seen such amazing pride looks made from NYX's line and this one is up there with the best of em. Soo pretty. I would definitely rock it! I suck at doing my own eye make-up but I would love to have my eye look done just like this 💯!

  • Jaqi Jones

    This is a great pic even if is not yours, I would like to try this with my Jeffree Star Jawbreaker palette.

  • Micheala

    i love the way you did this. i wish i new how thanks for the review

  • Kachina Xu

    https://www.instagram.com/amythedutchess/ This is the original artist! She's so creative and consistent with her pics ❣️

  • Jacquie Fisher-Wisor

    Hi Kelly! I can definitely see why you posted this eyeshadow look, WoW it's a rainbow of beautiful colors that's for sure! It looks gorgeous and natural on the model shown also! I'm not one to pull off this bold vibrant look personally but she sure has!! Thank you very much for your review it's excellent you explaining how and which colors are added and when!! 😊😊

  • Arlana C.

    Happy Pride 🌈

  • Barbie Steele

    Such a gorgeous look.

  • Sabrina

    I enjoyed this so much! Not only the rainbow but the sparkle! 😍 This is a great tutorial and very unique. Beautiful! 💜