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Rainbow Eyes with Barry M Cosmetics

Hey y'all!!!
Sorry I have been MIA recently. I was sadly a bit under the weather with Sun poisoning and severe sunburn. Because of this I was not allowed to use any makeup products and was on a strict regime of cleanse, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! But I was finally given the all-clear from my dermatologist and to celebrate I decided to go with a rainbow look in honor of PRIDE which I sadly didn't get to enjoy due to lockdown and the doc. But anywho, on to the fun!
So for my first look since being back in the makeup fun, I chose a new to me brand, Barry M Cosmetics Wildlife Palette - Pangolin. The brand is from Europe and I think I'm in love! Y'all this brand is crazy affordable and the colors are so much fun! I swatched it above and there are no words for how vibrant and pigmented they are. Seriously the pictures don't do them justice. 
First step:

Use Lost over the entire eyelid to even out the eyelid color and to help the bright colors pop!
Second step:

Use Ancient to make a line from your outer eyelash towards brow. You can go as high as you'd like and make the width about a centimeter. I used a detailed brush so I could just do it the with of the bristles.

Third step:

I used Defence next and applied a similar sized line of color right next to Ancient working inwards towards the inner eye.

 Fourth step:

Next use Hunted in the same fashion. I started to curve it near the brow line in order to make the final look work best for my eye shape.

Fifth step:

To finish off my ๐ŸŒˆ I chose Moonbeam. This one I made into more of a triangular shape to fit my eye shape. Obviously I could have used more colors to get the full ๐ŸŒˆ effect but I really liked how this turned out.

Lastly I finished off with my Ka-Brow and They're Real mascara.

Overall I was really impressed with the palette. Not only are the colors gorgeous but a portion of all sales went to the World Wildlife Federation. This was important to me when I chose my new palette. I like companies that do good for their environment and for their customers. At a price point of around ๐Ÿ’ฒ10 it was well worth my investment. I'm looking forward to trying more products from Barry M Cosmetics, especially in the Wildlife collections.

I hope y'all enjoyed this look post! Let me know in the comments if you've tried any Barry M Cosmetics products and if so how you liked them! As always if you like my post and wanna try be sure to tap the ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’– under the pictures and give me a follow for more looks ๐Ÿ’‹

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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    That looks like a very good palette to have. Those colors are amazing.

  • Robin Bell

    This is a very pigmented pallet and definitely looks perfect

  • Amber

    Seems affordable and for a good cause. I'd like to try this now, thanks.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Love these colors. Really great review showing them off with style. :)

  • Kenzi

    I am impressed with how pigmented these colors are! Theyre beautiful

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Welcome back in glad you are feeling better. Love the colors they look great on you. Love your reviews. I'm definetley going to try this. I love bright colors. Affordable, high pigmentation, bright and vibrant what more can I ask for? I definetley am getting this. Thank you for sharing

  • charlotte sanfilippo

    wow love these colors! defiantly will buy

  • Rose Katz

    I love this palette. It is so cute and it looks great on you. I am all about the rainbows. This is a price-point that I love and it is affordable. I definitely want to try this! Welcome back! Great review!๐Ÿฅฐ

  • SherryR

    I love how you did the rainbow effect. It looks like something O could actually do !

  • Nikki Marie

    Love how it looks like a rainbow emerging from your lashes also yours eyes are stunning! Lastly Iโ€™ve never seen this Eyeshadow before but the colors are awesome and cute packaging.

  • Serena

    Iโ€™m glad you are better and what a comeback! This ๐ŸŽจ looks great. I canโ€™t get over the pigment. Love the layout because Iโ€™m always wanting to know those in between steps and application that we donโ€™t always get to see. You filled in all the blanks and I love the look. The ๐Ÿพ in the shadows are so cute too. Iโ€™m going to look into this brand definitely.

  • Pauline

    Like the affect this rich colors do for your blue eyes. Eye popping good looks. Good combo too. Thanks for sharing Wildlife Eye Shadow.

  • Naf

    Wow, lovely color and great makeup!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    The colors look great alone and the review is great but the color combo itself looks to circus like.

  • Erin Taranto

    I am obsessed with colorful shadows!

  • Joylynn Grindle

    beautiful look on you. This palette looks amazing I love the color's that come in it and they look very easy to work with.

  • Rita Whirls

    very colorful, nice

  • Melissa Griffith

    Welcome back. Love the look that you did, and how you did the directions on how to recreate it. It makes it very easy for the rest of us to recreate the look on our own eyes. Never heard of this brand before but find the palette colors and theme totally adorable.๐Ÿ’•

  • Sylvia Foster

    Omg, such cute colors, and cute look you made. Love this, love the color options and great priced to. Love the glittered ones as well.

  • Sabrina

    Welcome back and glad you're healed enough to create another spectacular look! I ๐Ÿ˜ rainbows! And only $10 for the pallette. Good value. Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Gavin

    This is amazing!!!

  • Asti Custard

    A absolutely beautiful look. Definitely going to be trying this

  • Kelly K

    I always love your work. Your skills are amazing! Also $10 for that pallete say what!

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great look! I think you achieved your Pride look really well. Also, $10 for your pallet, great deal!

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